Hodogaya Chemical Group

The unique characteristics of each company combine to enhance the value of the group as a whole.

Each group company brings a specialized area of technology to the group, and it is the synergy between the companies that gives the group its unique value.
The high level of specialization of its companies in such areas as functional colorants, functional polymers, basic chemicals, agro-science, logistics, etc., is one of the Hodogaya Chemical Group’s greatest strengths. By making use of the talents of each company in our network, we can provide high-quality goods and services that address the diverse requirements of our clients. It is on this concept that we base our reputation and the trust of our clients.

Increasing performance and value, we are now undergoing a reorganization to further strengthen the power of the group.

The new Hodogaya Chemical Group will be outstanding in its cost-competitiveness, profitability, and risk resistance. To fortify and expand our business base, management resources will be distributed among core and developing businesses in such areas as electronics materials, OLED materials and other products derived from our core organic synthesis and polymer chemistry technologies. By continually striving toward high performance and high added value, we intend to realize our full potential to supply products that satisfy our clients’ requirements.

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