A Message From the President

A Message From the President

Hodogaya Chemical is stepping up its transformation to the future.

Ever since 1916, when it was founded as the first company to manufacture caustic soda by electrolysis, the Hodogaya Chemical Group has used the technologies it has developed over its long history to create a rich variety of products and businesses.
In recent years, in to meet the demands of the times, we have accelerated the transformation of our portfolio to strengthen specialty product businesses, including functional colorants and applications of functional materials.

Currently, we are taking various proactive steps to drive our evolution toward our goal of becoming a corporation that steadily supplies ‘Only One/Number One’ materials in the global and niche markets. A cornerstone of our efforts is the three-year mid-term management plan entitled “HONKI 2013” that we embarked on in FY 2011.
Under the “HONKI 2013” plan, our focus will be on the following five topics:

  1. Business expansion for future growth/new product creation
  2. Strengthening the basic businesses that support our organization
  3. Strengthening our global business structure
  4. Strengthening our corporate structure
  5. Incorporation of CSR

In terms of our business portfolio, we intend to use these three years to stabilize basic businesses and expand profitability and scope of business in each sector, while at the same time cultivating the new businesses that will be the growth engine of the future and completing preparations for future expansion.

The Hodogaya Chemical Group’s management philosophy is “through constant innovation of chemical technology, we will provide high-quality products and services throughout the world and contribute to the creation of an environmentally conscious society. Even in this age of rapid change, we will apply that philosophy by working hard to provide value not only to our customers, but to all of our stakeholders.
I thank you for your continued support and encouragement.