Mid-term Management Plan

Mid-term Management Plan

Mid-term Management Plan “HONKI 2020”

Our group has embarked on “HONKI 2020”
(Hodogaya as Only one, Number one with our Key technology and Imagination),
a 6-year mid-term management plan that begins in FY 2015 and will run through FY 2020.

Our Group’s Vision for 2020

A corporation that steadily supplies “Only One/Number One‟ materials in the global and niche markets.

Our Vision for 2016 (our 100th Anniversary Year)

We have prepared ourselves for future growth in various ways:
In the area of Core Businesses, we have regained our competitive edge and recovered our profitability.
In the area of Growth Businesses, we are increasing sales and profits, and expanding our sphere of activity.
Finally, in the areas of Cultivation Businesses and New Product Creation, we have established the growth engines of the next generation.

Mid-term Management Plan “HONKI 2013”: Overview

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Regaining Competitive Strength, and Securing a Stable Revenue Base

Core Businesses
Businesses that are already generating profits

・Reduce costs
・Improve manufacturing capacity
・Develop new applications
・Expand global sales network

Establishing a Pillar for the Next Generation

Growth Businesses
Businesses that are expected to produce positive results in 2015 – 2016

・Expand sales and market share in growing markets
・Develop business through strategic investments.

Expanding Our Sphere of Activity by Creating New Value

Cultivation Businesses
Businesses that are expected to produce positive results in 2017 -2018

・Create new products
・Expand sales and market share

New Product Creation
Businesses that are expected to produce positive results in 2019 and beyond

・Strive for 5,000 million yen in new product sales in FY 2020.
・Using the strengths in organic synthesis and manufacturing technologies that we have cultivated over the course of our long history as a foundation for our capabilities in „High Purity Technologies‟, “Development of Functional Materials‟, and “Evaluation of Functional Materials‟, we will endeavor to contribute to a world of abundance.

Strengthening Global Operations

・Promote business activities in global and niche markets on the basis of a firm understanding of customer needs.

Cultivating Personnel for a Diversifying Society

・Energize the Group by training employees to ‘think, investigate, and act’.

Enhancing our Commitment to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

・Maintain and deepen the trust held in us by all stakeholders, and contribute to social development.