Research & Development

From historically rooted core technologies, a new Big Bang in innovation.


R&D that rallies the collective strengths of the company to meet the needs of our industrial society.
Hodogaya Chemical’s R&D operations have investigated and created various products from basic chemicals to the most advanced imaging materials, all on the basis of the core technologies that we have been refining for over 95 years. We pride ourselves in our ability to recognize changing social needs at their earliest stages, and to carry out the R&D work that enables us to respond to our clients’ various needs. By harnessing the skills and knowhow that we have accumulated over years of activity in a wide variety of industrial areas, we are able to create completely new products and manufacturing technologies.
That is the spirit of Hodogaya Chemical’s R&D operation.

Expanding functional materials businesses through the applied development of technological assets.

Hodogaya Chemical is now putting its technological assets to best possible use in the expansion of its functional materials businesses. For example, in the area of Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) materials, so critical to next-generation displays for cellular phones and televisions, we developed a manufacturing process for highly efficient, long-lasting Hole Transport Materials. Further, by increasing the transport rate of our Electron Transport Materials, we are improving the competitiveness of OLED displays over conventional liquid crystal displays. In addition, we are developing new Charge Control Agents for color printers. As a result of these research efforts, Hodogaya Chemical is expanding its high-performance, high-value businesses.

Tsukuba Research Center is our base camp for developing the technologies of the future.

Hodogaya Chemical’s research and development activities take place primarily at Tsukuba Research Center, in conjunction with development teams in each business division. Our 33,000 sq. meter facility in Tsukuba houses state-of-the-art equipment. The Tsukuba area is known for research, and is home to the research centers of many of Japan’s top corporations. We have found this atmosphere to be most conducive to our cutting edge research and development.