Agro-Science: Gardening and lawn care

The Hodogaya Chemical group’s ‘Chemistry’ is at work everywhere, from crops, to green spaces, to maintenance on the golf course.

Our environmentally friendly products, including multi-component herbicides specially designed for home gardening applications, neutralize irritating or harmful substances using admixture technologies. We take pride in our top market share and the excellent formulation technologies that keep us ahead of market development. We are also developing biological pesticide technologies such as plant growth regulators.

Subsidiary: Hodogaya UPL Co., Ltd、HODOGAYA AGROTECH Co.,Ltd.

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In agricultural applications as well

Our products are used not only in home gardening and leisure applications, but in agricultural applications as well. Agricultural chemicals are formulated with agrochemical intermediates as their active ingredients. A single agricultural chemical product can contain numerous intermediates.

With our agro-science business, Hodogaya Chemical not only supplies agrochemical intermediates, but also makes recommendations regarding formulation. By effectively removing weeds and preventing weed growth, we are able to help agricultural users grow their crops and increase productivity.

Never complacent in our role as market leader, we are also working on market development in new areas such as plant growth regulators and microbial products.

Also, to bolster our product line with new applications in the areas that are our strengths, we established a joint venture company, Hodogaya UPL Co., Ltd., with Indian agricultural chemical manufacturer United Phosphorus Limited (UPL) in March 2008. Further, in April 2011, we established Hodogaya Agrotech Co., Ltd. in conjunction with the business restructuring of Nihon Green and Garden Co., Ltd. At this time, we are coordinating between the three companies (Hodogaya Chemical, Hodogaya UPL and Hodogaya Agrotech) to maximize development efforts.

on an empty lot on a golf course

Herbicide testing on a golf course (left) and on an empty lot (right). Such tests help us to accumulate a wide variety of knowhow.


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  • Microbial Materials

Complete List of Products

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