Products List: Functional Colorants

Products List: Functional Colorants

Functional Colorants Segment

Imaging Materials

Charge Control Agents(CCA)

Superior tribo-charging and stability for the clearest print images.

Product name Description Applications
T-77 The most environmentally friendly iron compound Toner additive for copiers and printers
TRH、T-95 A commonly used CCA
TN-105 CCA for color toners
TP-415 CCA for positive toners

*Other high-charge and colorless types are available.

Organic Photo Conductors (OPC) Materials

Organic Photo Conductor (OPC) Materials
Charge Transport Materials (CTM)
Charge Generation Materials (CGM)

Materials for the OPC drums that are at the heart of copiers and laser printers.
High purity and reliable performance.

Product name Description Applications
HCT-261 A commonly used CTM OPC Materials
HCT-202 CTM for mid- to high-speed systems
HCT-305 CTM for higher speed systems
HCT-106 CTM for standard speed systems
HCT-533 Higher mobility and sensitivity
MPCG-05 CGM for analog systems (diazo compound)
MPCG-D04 CGM for digital systems (Phthalocyanine compound)

Color Formers (CF)

Leuco dyes which change color under heat or pressure.
Available in many varieties of colors, including black, blue, red, pink, green and vermillion.

Product name Description Applications
CVL、BLMB Blue color for carbonless paper Tickets, Receipts, Bar-code labels, Prepaid cards, Fax paper etc.
TH-107 Black color for thermal sensitive paper, with reduced background noise
DCF A variety of colors for fine-tuning hues

Dyes & Colors

Spilon Dyes

Spilon Dyes
Solvent-soluble dyes

Specially modified to dissolve in solvent (some are water-soluble).

Dyes for ballpoint pens

Product name Description Applications
Aizen Spilon special High color value with good lightfastness Ballpoint pens, Highlighters
Aizen Spilon C-Type
Aizen S.B.N. Type
Aizen S.P.T. Type

Alumite Dyes (TAC)

Product name Description Applications
TAC DYEN Water-soluble dye with high color value and good lightfastness, jointly developed with Okuno Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. Coloring dyes for digital cameras, cellular phones and other electronics

Dyes for light blocking films, wooden furniture

Product name Description Applications
Aizen Spilon S-Liquid A very stable metal complex dye Colored light blocking films, wooden furniture
Aizen Spilon W-Liquid

※Other dyes for plastic and metal-coated fibers.

Paper Dyes
Basic Dyes, Direct Dyes

Reliable paper dyes based on trustworthy technology.

Product name Description Applications
Basic Dyes Our standard product list includes a wide variety of Basic Dyes and Direct Dyes, including Basic Dyes with especially brilliant colors and great dyeing power. These products are used extensively in paper dyeing Applications.
Direct Dyes


Basic products that support today’s lifestyle.

Product name Description Applications
Neosilox AC,
New Blanker,
Sodium hypochlorite has long been used to bleach fiber products. Our products are known to minimize cotton embrittlement and produce a soft drape. New Blanker is used in wood bleaching and removing mold, scum and stains. UH-1 is often used as deodorant. Ingredient used in fiber and wood bleaching products

Food Additives

Natural Dyes

Product name Description Applications
Gardenia Yellow Gardenia Yellow is extracted from the fruit of the Gardenia. (Chinese) Noodles, chestnuts in syrup, hard candies, chilled desserts, processed marine products, pickles etc.
Annatto EX
(Annatto Extract)
This product is extracted by hydrolysis from the red pulp of the seed of the annatto tree (Bixa orellana L.). Miso(soybean paste), pickled fish, fish boiled in sweetened soy sauce, ice cream cones, breadcrumbs, confections, etc.
Caprotin WF-3
(Paprika Color)
Paprika Color is extracted from the Capsicum pepper. Rice cakes, sauces, kimchi brine, miso (bean paste), sponge cakes, breadcrumbs, jellies, etc.
Red Cabbage color
Red Cabbage color is obtained by extraction from the leaves of the cabbage plant. Candies, chilled desserts, pickles, etc.
Monasred L
(Monascus color)
Monascus color is obtained from monascus culture. Processed octopus, salted cod roes (tarako), rice crackers, fish sausages, ham, jams, ketchup, pickled fish, etc.
Crocinblue G
(Gardenia Blue)
Gardenia Blue is produced by adding an enzyme to gardenia-fruits extracts. Candies, chilled desserts, beverages, wasabi paste, pickles etc.

※We offer a variety of colorant products in addition to those listed above.

Synthetic Dyes

Product name Description Applications
Food Red No.2 Even small amounts of this colorant product bright colors that are heat- and light-stable. Japanese and Western confections, candies, syrups, strawberry, grape, coffee coloring, etc.
Food Red No.3 Confections, cherries, pickled vegetables, canned fruits
Food Red No.40
Food Red No.102 Confections, strawberry/apple jam, ketchup, pickled vegetables, pickled ginger, pickled plums, preserved fish, processed octopus, salted cod roe, shrimp, sausages, juice, syrups,chocolate coloring, etc.
Food Red No.104 Baked confections, fish paste products, pickled vegetables, sausages, salted cod roe, preserved salmon roe, chilled desserts, coffee coloring, etc.
Food Red No.105 Cakes, candy, bean jam (sweetened bean paste), grape juice, etc.
Food Red No.106 Cakes, candy, bean jam (sweetened bean paste), grape juice, fish paste products, sausages, coffee coloring, etc.
Food Yellow No.4 Cakes, yellow pickled radishes, pickled vegetables, pickled wasabi, curry powder, fruit yogurt, lemon syrup, etc.
Food Yellow No.5 Baked cakes, candy, yellow pickled radishes, preserved fish products, sea urchin, orange juice, etc.
Food Blue No.1 Confections, green peas, seaweed products, etc.
Food Blue No.2 Confections, preserved fish, etc.

※We offer a variety of colorant products in addition to those listed above.

Other Food Additives
Food Preservatives

Product name Description Applications
GW-1 A food preservative used in vegetable processing. Vitamin C, enzymes and alum work together to render chlorogenic acid and other elements insoluble, fortifying the structure of the vegetable to maintain crispness. Keeps shredded vegetables such as burdock from turning brown as a result of oxidization.
Example : Yellow pickled radishes (Takuan-zuke)
Keeps radishes from turning brown, and enhances the pickle’s characteristic crunch.
NASU-UP Maintains the color of pickled eggplant
CENTER-WS Prevents loss of quality from food product oxidation. Processed Livestock and Marine Products

Dyes for Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics

Product name Description Applications
Yellow No. 4 and Yellow No.5 for Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics Coloring for cosmetic products and some pharmaceuticals Hair care products, such as shampoo and conditioner, etc. Bath additives, hair color products, soaps, etc.
Blue No.1 and Blue No.2 for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
Red No.102 and Red No. 106 for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
Green No.201 for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
Black No.401 for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
Orange No.205 for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

※We offer a variety of colorant products in addition to those listed above.

Acid Dyes

Product name Applications
(Red No.104)
Stationery products (inks for markers, stamp pads, etc.), automotive chemicals, etc.
(Yellow No.4)
Sunset Yellow FCF
(Yellow No.5)
Uranine Conc
(Yellow No.202(1))
Brilliant Blue FCF
(Blue No.1)

※We offer a variety of colorant products in addition to those listed above.

OLED Materials

OLED Materials

Hole Transport Materials (HTM)

Our HTM offer high purity, and excellent heat stability and electrical properties.
These are critical considerations for this next-generation display technology.

Product name Description Applications
Triaryl Amine Derivative
Robust and easy to use, with good electrical performance.
With a high glass transition (Tg) temperature (132℃), this product can be used for both conventional and high-end applications.
HTM for OLED devices
Triaryl Amine Derivative
A well-balanced product with excellent hole mobility and electrical properties.
With a very high glass transition (Tg) temperature (144℃), this product forms very stable amorphous membranes.
Used for OLED devices which require durability

Electron Transport Materials (ETM)

We are currently working on transforming our unique ideas into unique new products.

HTM for wet-processes

Soluble HTM, based on a new and novel concept, are currently under development.

Other OLED Materials

Other OLED materials, such as Hole Injection Materials, Emitters and Emitter Hosts are being developed and commercialized by the Hodogaya Chemical group.