The Four Promises of Hodogaya Chemical Group – Toward the next 100 years –

As a chemicals manufacturer benefiting the society,
we will aim to achieve sustainable growth for the next 100 years.
Based on our core technologies, we will steadily supply “Only One/Number One” specialty products in the global and niche markets.

One feature of Hodogaya Chemical Group is that each group company is highly specialized in the fields of functional colorants, specialty polymers, basic chemicals, agro-science, and logistics. The R&D, production and sales departments of each group company make a tripartite effort to meet the diverse needs of customers and constantly provide high-quality products and services, taking advantage of our unique technological capabilities and networks. This boosts the corporate value of the Group as a whole and promotes strong relations of trust with customers.
By further applying and developing the specialized technologies and expertise derived from our core organic composites, we will pursue high performance and high added values to provide “Only One/Number One” specialty products and services that satisfy our customers’ requirements.
With each group company leveraging technology of a specialized area, as well as applying and developing the specialized technologies and expertise within the Group, we believe that striving to become a corporate group creating highly functional products with high added value will enable us to share the benefits with all of our stakeholders and to improve the corporate value of the Hodogaya Chemical Group.

We will promote environmentally friendly products with our unique chemical technologies and continue to create “Harmony Between Chemistry and Environment.”

The Hodogaya Chemical Group is pursuing the concept of dynamic innovation as a group of companies that contributes to society and people’s lifestyles by creating highly functional products with high added value. The Group makes it possible by its three highly advanced core technologies it has built up over the long history based on synthesis technology of organic compound—high-purification technology,development capability in functional materials, and evaluation technology for functional materials—and its three competitive advantages in value creation, research and development, and manufacturing technologies.
The Hodogaya Chemical Group integrates these technologies and strengths to design and develop environmentally friendly products demanded in the future and continues to polish our technologies as a chemical company benefiting people’s lifestyles and society. And to further strengthen the power of the Group, we will build an organization with outstanding cost competitiveness, profitability, and risk resistance, and contribute to society by creating “Harmony Between Chemistry and Environment.”

We will continue to reform the organization to enhance and strengthen our corporate governance.

In order to promote CSR activities, the Company established the CSR Committee in April 2016, and the CSR Department as its subordinate body in April 2017. With this framework, we will facilitate the anchoring of ESG management among all officers and employees.
Meanwhile, we have been focusing on enhancing our corporate governance to maintain and deepen the trust held in us by a wide range of stakeholders. In 2003, we introduced the executive officer system with a view to separate the management and executive functions. Then in 2015, we made a transition to a Company with Audit & Supervisory Committee with a view to further strengthen the Board of Directors’ supervisory functions and process auditing, as well as to realize quicker decision-making and business operation via a separation of supervisory and executive functions. Furthermore in January 2018, the Company shifted into a new management structure which facilitates separation of the “strategic decision-making and supervisory functions of management” from the “prompt executive functions of business strategy,” with a view to further strengthen its supervisory and executive functions. As a result, the number of Directors who are not Audit & Supervisory Committee Members has been reduced from seven to three.
Through these reforms, Hodogaya Chemical Group will ensure the effectiveness of our governance to improve our corporate value.

We will value our relationship with all of our stakeholders.

Hodogaya Chemical celebrated its 100th anniversary of foundation in November 2016, to join the ranks of century-old companies. In order to continue contributing to the society in the new century, it is essential for the Hodogaya Chemical Group to achieve sustainable growth.
And to do so, we must inherit the traditions and legacies of our predecessors and pass them over to the next generation. Some traditions and legacies are visible, while others are not. Visible heritage may include various product groups, advanced technological capabilities and their patents, domestic and overseas production bases and facilities, as well as customers and partner companies. Invisible inheritance may include the joy and pride we feel as manufacturer when our products served other people, the Group’s vision to steadily supply“ Only One/Number One” products, and our gratitude toward all of our stakeholders. It is the belief of all officers and employees of the Hodogaya Chemical Group that these invisible aspects help improve the visible assets.
In aim to realize the Group Management Philosophy, we will continue to value the unique traditions and legacies of the Hodogaya Chemical Group as well as achieve sustainable growth and uphold our corporate social responsibility.