Food Additives

Food Dyes:Adding appeal to processed foods

As a pioneer of food dyes in Japan, Hodogaya Chemical manufactures and sells food additives (food dyes) that make food more appetizing, delicious-looking and fun.


Spotlight on Products and Technologies

Safety Initiatives

Our products are also highly rated in sectors other than the food industry, such as the cosmetics sector. Using careful testing to demonstrate the safety of the products we develop, Hodogaya Chemical uses chemistry to enhance the products that go on the table as well as the products that go on the face.

A World of Color on the Table

Our dyes, principally yellow and red, are used in a wide variety of foods, including kimchi and other pickled foods, crackers and other snacks, and various condiments. For the most part, these are now natural dyes.

Natural Food Dyes

Demand for natural food dyes, derived from plants and other natural materials, is increasing yearly as consumers demand safer and healthier products. To meet these needs, Hodogaya Chemical is developing products using its own proprietary technologies.
We acquired Halal certification in 2018 and we now provide products that can be consumed at ease by Muslims.

Synthetic Food Dyes

Synthetic food dyes, with their highly concentrated, vibrant hues, are safe to use (as regulated by law), and are popular in industrial and mass-market food applications.
As Japan’s leading manufacturer in this field, Hodogaya Chemical has made significant contributions to the development of processed foods.