Dyes and Colors

Dyes: Making your cameras and pens as beautiful as the images they create

Hodogaya Chemical uses chemistry to add color to many of the objects that surround us. Our dyestuffs are used in a wide variety of materials. Broadly speaking, there are three categories of dyes: Spilon dyes, Dyes for Color Treatments, and Dyes for Color Filters. The Basic dyes we supply our unique organic-soluble Spilon dyes which are used in stationery applications and aluminum coloring. Our long experience in the dyestuff industry allows us to develop innovative technologies, minimize environmental impact, and maximize product safety to keep up with the ever-expanding needs of the market.


 Alumite dyes(TAC)

 Dyes for ballpoint pens

Spotlight on Products and Technologies

Spilon Dyes
Application 1〜Aluminum Coloring

Consider, for example, the body of a digital camera, cellular phone, or digital audio player. Usually, these are made of lightweight, easy-to-process aluminum, and it has now become the norm for them to come in red, blue, and a variety of other vibrant colors.

These colors are created using aluminum dyes.
Aluminum dyes color metal, producing the characteristic rich colors shown in the photograph. A number of chemicals are combined with the dye to color the aluminum.

The Aluminum Coloring Process

The technical expertise and high levels of quality we have achieved as a result of our long experience with dyes allow us to handle even seemingly difficult materials such as aluminum.

Application 2〜Stationery

Stationery dyes are mainly used in oil-based ballpoint pens and highlighters.

Because we offer reliable quality and a full lineup of colors ranging from yellow to black, our products are used by many stationery manufacturers, including manufacturers of high-end products.

Our products are known for (1) high color strength (beautiful tinting even in small quantities), (2) high colorfastness (durability), (3) good solubility in solvent, and (4) non-corrosiveness (safe to use with metals), etc.

We are continuing to improve the quality of this product line, developing even safer dyes, and dyes that are compatible with the ink compositions used by our stationery clients, etc.

Dyes for Color Treatments

Basically, we have dyes made of basic dyes that are gentle to the skin and do not trigger allergies. They are commonly used in gray hair dyes and color rinse products.

Dyes for Color Filters

Color filters are used to add color to display images. Used in flat-panel TVs, personal computers, and smartphones, they are vital parts of display devices.
Color filters are required to provide excellent brightness, contrast, and color reproduction, which are critical requirements for displaying beautiful and attractive images. Pigments and dyes play an important role in improving these characteristics.
We develop and supply new dyes for color filters in an effort to realize smoother and richer image displays.