A Message From the President

As a chemical company serving the human society, we will achieve sustainable growth for the next 100 years.

Welcome to the official website of Hodogaya Chemical.
The Hodogaya Chemical Group was founded in 1916 as the first Japanese company to produce caustic soda electrolytically. For more than 100 years since then, we have been serving society through a large variety of products and businesses based on the pioneer spirit of “Hompo Koshi” (the first one to do so in the country) and on the technological strength that we have cultivated over time.

Today, dramatic changes are occurring in our business environment, including the world economic shift to Asia, the continuing evolution of digital technology, and the global spread of major social challenges.

To address these world social challenges through the power of chemistry and help spur sustainable growth, the Hodogaya Chemical Group has put into action the new mid-term management plan “SPEED 25/30” covering fiscal years 2021-2030.

In the SPEED 25/30, we have set out our Vision to be “a corporation that contributes to establishing a sustainable society with a portfolio of specialty and other differentiated products manufactured by environmentally friendly technologies.” SPEED is an acronym for “Specialty products that construct a Portfolio built up with great originality; Engagement improvement that contributes to ESG management promotion; and Digital transformation-led competitiveness enhancement.” Moreover, the term expresses our drive toward speedy change to become how we should look like (“target figure”) in FY2025 and how we want to look like (“ideal figure”) in FY2030.

Toward the “Next 100 Years,” we will respond swiftly to global social challenges by strengthening the competitiveness of our core businesses, creating new businesses and products, and promoting sustainability management so that we can meet the expectations of our customers and all other stakeholders.

In this way, we will continue to grow as a group of companies altogether on a long-term basis and enhance our corporate value, endeavoring to achieve our Purpose, that is, “Through constant innovation of chemical technology, we will provide high-quality products and services throughout the world and contribute to the creation of an environmentally conscious society.”

Your Dream Is Our Business.

Thank you very much for your continued understanding and support with the Group.