R&D System

Employing comprehensive capabilities in R&D to respond to society’s needs

Drawing on technologies developed over a history of 100 years, the Hodogaya Chemical Group is carrying out R&D across fields ranging from basic chemicals to the latest imaging materials. The Group’s R&D projects are tailored to the specific requests of its customers and are designed to respond quickly to the increasingly diverse needs of society. By applying the skills and expertise it has refined over many years in research projects covering a wide spectrum of industries, the Group can develop industrial technologies and products with all-new functions. By pursuing original R&D with a future outlook, the Group intends to expand its businesses while bringing benefits to people everywhere.

A solid foundation of 3 core technologies

High-Purification Technology

Applying advanced refining technologies to take high purification to the next level

Highly purified raw materials that can be used in new fields and for constantly evolving applications are always in demand.
The Hodogaya Chemical Group applies its advanced refining technologies to meet extremely strict technical requirements that exceed clients’ expectations.

Development Capability in Functional Materials

Developing materials with new functions to make people’s lives more comfortable and enriching

The Hodogaya Chemical Group aims to help people fulfill their hopes for lifestyles that are safe, secure, comfortable, and enriching.
With this in mind, the Group offers new materials that feature a wide array of functions, while striving to open up all kinds of fresh possibilities for their use.

Evaluation Technology for Functional Materials

Renowned for its knowledge, experience, and skill,
the Group supports the materials of the future with its advanced technologies

The Hodogaya Chemical Group’s products are trusted by customers for their highly renowned technologies.
Our strong reputation has led to the creation of new designs and the reinvention of materials that are ahead of their time