R&D Sites

A global R&D network capable of speedy turnarounds

The Group is pursuing cutting-edge R&D that the world will need in the future based on its global R&D network from Japan to other countries worldwide.
 The R&D network is led by the Tsukuba Research Laboratory, one of the Japanese bases, with the development departments at each of the plants and South Korean subsidiaries SFC CO., LTD., and HODOGAYA CHEMICAL KOREA CO., LTD. (HCK) cooperating to promote R&D and working to respond quickly to customer requests.
 In recent years the OLED display market has been growing rapidly. By establishing development bases in the South Korean market, where the major panel manufacturers are competing with each other, the Hodogaya Chemical Group has moved forward with its research and development into OLED materials more speedily and in a more timely manner. Going forward, we will continue to offer total solutions for OLED materials, beginning with emitting materials, and so contribute to the future of displays.

Tsukuba Research Center (Ibaraki Pre. Japan)

SFC Research Center (Korea)

HCK Research Center (Korea)