Value Created by Hodogaya Chemical Group

Hodogaya Chemical Group Value Creation Process

The Hodogaya Chemical Group, based on changes in the internal and external environment as well as the demands of our stakeholders, has established a corporate image that we aspire to be: A corporation that contributes to establish a sustainable society by means of our original portfolio and environmentally friendly manufacturing, with a focus on specialty products. We will continue to solve social issues and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through the value created by our business activities under the catchphrase Your Dream is Our Business.

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Business Model

The Hodogaya Chemical Group has built a three-pronged business model in which the R&D, production, and sales functions all collaborate to quickly ascertain the diversifying needs of society and respond quickly to the differing needs of its various customers.
Utilizing the Company intranet, the R&D, production, and sales functions share information efficiently and quickly regardless of location, leading to product development. In addition to working to improve efficiency by holding monthly production and sales meetings, we share customer requests and needs obtained by sales departments with business divisions and production bases. We also have in place a system that allows us to quickly select the systems necessary for product improvement and new R&D themes.

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