Logistics Segment

Supporting comprehensive Logistics Services.

The Hodogaya Chemical Group has been handling hazardous substances and chemicals for a century. Drawing on this extensive expertise, group company Hodogaya Logistics Co., Ltd. offers superior services and total logistics solutions through operations that draw on its locational advantages and highly integrated facilities.

Subsidiary:Hodogaya Logistics Co., Ltd.(100%)

Our Services

Warehouse and Distribution Centers

We have huge distribution sites in Yokohama, Koriyama and Nanyo, storing services optimized for a wide variety of cargo, including hazardous materials, chemicals, mechanical and engineering heavy cargo.
We can handle all kind of customer cargo such as raised-floor warehouse for hazardous materials which are efficient for cargo handling, ISO tank container depot, automatic multi-level warehouse for hazardous materials particular work for storage and warehouse shipping and outdoor storages for hazardous materials which are the largest in the area. Also available a wide variety of cargo from general to heavy cargo and large plant.

Raised-floor warehouse for hazardous materials(Yokohama Plant)

Indoor warehouse

ISO tank container depot


  • Hazardous materials warehouse
  • Raised-floor warehouse for hazardous materials
  • Fixed temperature warehouse (hazardous materials and general cargo)
  • General cargo warehouse
  • Bond warehouse
  • ISO tank container depot
  • Outdoor storages for hazardous materials
Logistics(Warehouse and Distribution Centers)

Forwarding and customs clearence

We strive for sophistication, service, and quality to ensure ultimate user-friendliness. Our wide-ranging achivements include intermodal transportation of cargo, transport and logistics from domestic sites to storage facilities, storing, packing, customs clearance, and shipping.

Services Range

  • Export/ Import,customs clearance services
  • NACCS services
  • Port services
  • Bond warehouse management services


We provides from domestic transport to anywhere to the world. We can handle all kind of customer cargo including hazardous materials, engineering heavy cargo and large plant. Hodogaya chemical gruop propose a mode of transportation that best suits your needs.

Services Range

  • Overland cargo transportation
  • Maritime cargo transportation
  • Air cargo transportation
  • Intermodal international transportation system
  • Hodogaya Logistics Co., Ltd.