Warehouse and Distribution Centers

Logistics Segment


We have huge distribution sites in Yokohama, Koriyama and Nanyo, storing services optimized for a wide variety of cargo, including hazardous materials, chemicals, mechanical and engineering heavy cargo.
Mobilizing our hands-on expertise, consulting ability, and information system strength, we offer you the proposals for the total solution of comprehensive distribution based on our professional knowledge, technologies and expertise.

Facilities Description
Hazardous materials warehouse Specialists in hazardous materials store the hazardous materials safely and securely in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
Raised-floor warehouse for hazardous materials Cargo is handled efficiently
Fixed temperature warehouse
(hazardous materials and general cargo)
Tight temperature control keeps various products in optimum condition.
General cargo warehouse It can accommodate a wide range of products including general cargo, heavy cargo, and big machinery.
Bond warehouse It can store foreign goods.
Outdoor storages for hazardous materials This is one of the largest in area.
Automatic multi-level warehouse for hazardous materials It adequately facilitates the storage and shipment of a large variety of small quantity goods.
Warming facilities It is suitable for handling high melting point products and cargo.