Agro-Science Segment

From the Crop Protection of Cropland Leading to Food to the Conservation of Green Area Environment Surrounding Our Live

The Agro-Science Segment provides products that serve an extensive array of applications in agriculture, living environment protection, weed and pest control in railways, forests and golf courses, and protection of the natural environment in general. We use our proprietary active ingredients and others to keep offering new formulations that best fit the specific needs of the local conditions and the users in terms of both ease of handling and safety. Hodogaya herbicides for home gardening and green spaces maintenance enjoy top-ranking market share.
We have launched in-situ oxygen-generating agents that remedy soil damaged by weather conditions and help ensure stable agricultural production. We continue to develop newer markets for the soil improvement agents.

Subsidiary:Hodogaya UPL Co., Ltd (60.0%) HODOGAYA AGROTECH Co., Ltd. (80.0%)


Spotlight on Products and Technologies

Cropland and Lawns Section

We work closely with our group companies for the development and extension of formulations of our cropland herbicides, lawn herbicides, insecticides, and others containing active ingredients of our own as well as those licensed from third parties. We seek to make available optimum formulations of flowable, liquid, granular, powder, and others based on the physiological activity and the physical and chemical properties of the active ingredient as well as ease of use and safety.
In addition, Hodogaya’s proprietary oxygen-generating agents for agricultural purposes are used widely to improve crop growth environment damaged by soil compacting, flooding, and others.

Home Gardening and Green Space Management

Herbicides from Hodogaya Chemical have long been used for weed control in both urban and rural areas to conserve their environment. More specifically, our herbicides for home gardening help improve the aesthetics of the environment in residential areas, while those for weed control in green spaces help ensure environmental protection and safety in railways, forests, industrial sites, and others as well.
Traditionally, granular formulations have been used for these applications. More recently, however, liquid type is increasingly being used because of ease of use and cost efficiency.

Group Company

With a view to exploiting new markets through product development in our areas of strength, we established Hodogaya UPL Co., Ltd. in March 2008 and HODOGAYA AGROTECH Co., Ltd. in April 2011. We are working to expand business through the tripartite cooperation and collaboration including the parent company.

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