Corporate Philosophy


Through constant innovation of chemical technology,
we will provide high-quality products and services throughout the world and contribute to the creation of an environmentally conscious society.


A corporation that steadily supplies “Only One/Number One‟ materials in the global and niche markets.

Management Policy

We aim to become a company creating highly functional products with high added value by applying and developing the specialized technologies and expertise derived from our core organic composite technology, based on the key words, "environment and safety."

Hodogaya Chemical Group's Three Strengths

1. A strong track record

From caustic soda to OLED materials, Hodogaya’s history is the history of chemical technology.

2. The ability to integrate technologies and strengths

Three competitive advantages driven by three highly advanced core technologies.

3. The power to evolve

Our businesses continue to evolve with the times.

Procurement Policy

1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations and Social Norms

Hodogaya Chemical Group (the "Group") sets forth compliance with laws and regulations, internal regulations and social norms in its “Corporate Action Guidelines”, and the Group and its officers and employees realize their social responsibilities and conduct their business activities. The Group conducts its business in its procurement activities in a sincere and fair manner.

2. Implementation of Environmentally Conscious Procurement Activities

The Group is committed to managing the chemical substances of raw materials, reducing their environmental impact, and implementing procurement activities adapted for social requirements.

3. Provision of Fair Transaction Opportunities

The Group is opening its doors to its suppliers and providing transaction opportunities in comprehensive consideration of the following that is economically reasonable in accordance with justice and fairness:
(1) competitive quality, price, delivery time and supply stability;
(2) objective criteria such as management stability, reliability and technological capabilities of its suppliers; and
(3) activities of its suppliers relating to social responsibilities

4. Deepening of Communications with Supply Chain

To deepen communications with the supply chain, the Group sets forth the “Procurement Guidelines” and plans to share its understanding based on the guidelines with its suppliers. The Group is committed to deepening mutual understanding, building relationships of trust with its supplies and implementing procurement activities.