Hodogaya Chemical Group’s Sustainability

Basic approach

The Hodogaya Chemical Group actively promotes sustainability activities based on the concept of “balancing the pursuit of economic value and solutions to social issues and providing value to all stakeholders” to fulfill its responsibility to realize a sustainable world and society in the medium- and long- term in line with the PURPOSE (Management Philosophy) and VISION (Target Corporate Image).

Sustainability policy

The Hodogaya Chemical Group has formulated the Sustainability Policy as a comprehensive policy on issues surrounding sustainability. This policy outlines our basic approach as well as related policies to each issue.
As a chemical company, we declared our commitment to engaging in responsible care (RC) in June 1997 while establishing the RC Basic Principles and RC Basic Policy, and we have been actively and continuously working to protect and improve the global environment. At the same time, the Group has also been addressing with considerable resolve such issues as risk management for natural disasters, etc.; the establishment of fair and proper supply chains; human resources management that enhances job satisfaction; and respect for human rights through the Corporate Action Guidelines, the Compliance Action Policy, the Procurement Policy, the Human Resources Management Policy, the Crisis Management Regulations, etc.

Sustainability promotion structure

As an organization working on sustainability-related issues, we view sustainability as an overarching concept that encompasses CSR, ESG, and the SDGs. Therefore, we established the Sustainability Development Committee. In addition to the RC & QM Subcommittee, which deliberates on such issues as the environment, safety, and quality assurance, the Sustainability Development Committee established the Global Environment Subcommittee and the TCFD Subcommittee to address specific issues. Details of Committee agenda items are regularly reported to and deliberated by the Board of Directors and the Management Committee for approval.
The Committee meets regularly four times a year, and it also meets irregularly for specific plans as needed. It met seven times in 2022. Details of Committee agenda items are regularly reported to and deliberated by the Board of Directors and the Management Committee for approval.

●Philosophy Structure
●Organizational structure
Progress in Mid‑term Management Plan

The “reduction of energy intensity” and “decrease of CO2 emissions” set as non-financial targets in the mid-term management plan “SPEED25/30” were discussed in the newly established “Global Environment Subcommittee”. From a long-term, mitigation and adaptation perspective, a roadmap for reduction of CO2 emissions was formulated, and concrete numerical targets for FY2025 were set. Deliberations were also performed by the TCFD Subcommittee because information disclosures based on TCFD are required. The details of the bilateral discussions are summarized by the Sustainability Promotion Committee for approval by the Board of Directors and the Management Committee.

Non-financial targets FY2021 results FY2022 results FY2025 management targets
CO2 emissions
(CO2 emission intensity)
(1.1759t-CO2/million JPY of net sales)
(1.055t-CO2/million JPY of net sales)
(0.868t-CO2/million JPY of net sales)
Energy intensity
(per million JPY of net sales)
0.698kl 0.636kl 0.606kl
Industrial waste volumes 2,746t 3,477t Same level or less than previous FY
ESG evaluation score
(FTSE Russell score)
2.7 3.0 3.7
Engagement score Gradually raise score
Percentage of management positions held by women 11% 11% 13%
Collaborative value creation with stakeholders

In addition to its shareholders, investors, customers, partner companies, personnel, local communities, and society, the Hodogaya Chemical Group considers the global environment as one of its stakeholders. We are engaging in a variety of initiatives to promote collaborative creation of value with all stakeholders, which we recognize is indispensable for corporate activities based on our management philosophy as well as contributions to the resolution of social issues.

Stakeholders Basic approach
Global environment We are committed to continuous improvement and regard it as an important responsibility of a chemical manufacturer to continuously reduce the amount of all chemical substances discharged into the earth and the amount of waste generated during our business activities.
Shareholders and investors In order to maintain and improve the trust of all of our stakeholder groups in the future, we have positioned ourselves to ensure the soundness and legality of management, improving efficiency as one of the most important management issues. We are working to enhance and strengthen corporate governance.
Customaers In addition to providing a stable supply of safe and reliable products, we are committed to providing new products and services that meet our customers’ expectations for a safe, secure, comfortable, and prosperous life.
Partner companies As a good partner of the Hodogaya Chemical Group, we work together to address social issues, not only in the purchase of raw materials, products, and consignment goods, but also in the purchase of facilities and equipment.
Personnel In order to achieve the Hodogaya Chemical Group PURPOSE (Management Philosophy) and VISION (Target Corporate Image) while also boosting corporate value, we aim to encourage greater engagement of officers and personnel, utilize a diverse work force, maintain and enhance the health of officers and personnel, and facilitate job satisfaction (feeling motivated and enjoying a comfortable work environment) for all officers and personnel.
Community and Society In the course of the Hodogaya Chemical Group’s business activities, we consider contribution to the sustainable development of communities an important activity as a corporate citizen, and are engaged in various community contribution activities.
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