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About Products

OLED Materials Division
Hole Transport Materials (HTM), Electron Transport Materials (ETM), Capping Layer Materials, Hole Transport Materials for wet-process, Other (Hole Injection Materials, Emitter Hosts, Emitting Materials)
Color & Imaging Division
Imaging Materials Department
Charge Control Agents (CCA), Organic Photo Conductors (OPC), Charge Transport Materials (CTM), Color Formers (CF)
Color & Imaging Division
Functional Dyes Department
Spilon Dyes, Dyes for Color Treatments, Dyes for Color Filters, Dyes For Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics, Acid Dyes, Other (Fiber and wood bleaching agents)
Color & Imaging Division
Food Additives Department
Food Dyes (Natural, Synthetic), Other Food Additives (Food Preservatives)
Functional Chemicals Division
Polymer Materials (PTG, PTG-L), Release Agents, Raw materials for antiseptic detergents, surfactants, dyestuffs, perfumes, etc. , Phosgene Derivatives
Peroxide Division
Hydrogen Peroxide, Sodium Percarbonate, Hydrogen Peroxide Derivatives, Food additive OXYATTACK
Agroscience Department
Agrochemical Intermediates, Pesticide Formulation, Microbial Materials, Oxygen supply material for agriculture
Hodogaya Construction Products Co., Ltd
Waterproofing Materials, Flooring, Paving Materials, Building Materials
Hodogaya Logistics Co., Ltd
Warehouse and Distribution Centers, Forwarding and customs clearance, Transportation
Hodogaya JRF Contract Laboratory Co., Ltd.
Contract Research(Synthesis, Analytical)