Environmentally Friendly Products, Technologies, and Services

Since its foundation, the Hodogaya Chemical Group has contributed to society by creating “Harmony Between Chemistry and Environment” with the strength of the advanced chemical technologies developed over many years. We strive to design and develop environmentally friendly products demanded in the future and continue to polish our technologies as a chemical company benefiting people’s lifestyles and society.

Natural food dyes

Food dyes add color to food products and enrich our dietary life. Our natural food dyes are the products made from naturally‑derived ingredients that come from nature.
Demand for these is growing steadily, driven by their safety for human consumption and their environmentally friendly nature. Some of our products have acquired Halal certification, enabling us to meet the expectations of customers in Islamic countries.

Hydrogen peroxide

In addition to its traditional uses as a paper pulp bleach and industrial chemical, hydrogen peroxide is used as an oxidizing agent in the chemical oxidative decomposition method for decontaminating soil. It is possible to directly decompose oils in the soil through oxidation by injecting an oxidizing agent into or stirring it into contaminated soil.
Hydrogen peroxide, which breaks down into water and oxygen, is a clean, environmentally friendly oxidizing agent, and it is expected that broader application of it will be made in the future.

Bio‑PTG (Polymer materials)

PTG, one type of polyol that is a polyurethane raw material, is an indispensable raw material for spandex and other products. Hodogaya Chemical was the first company in Japan to develop and sell Bio‑PTG, which possesses the same quality as traditional PTG but is environmentally friendly because the main raw materials were switched from petroleumderived ones to plant-derived ones.

Peracetic acid formulation

The peracetic acid formulation OXYATTACK (disinfectant agent for food products), a hydrogen peroxide derivative, was introduced into the market in 2017.
While having powerful anti‑bacterial effects on vegetables, fruit and meat, it is broken down into acetic acid and water after use, and does not generate chlorine either, making it an environmentally conscious product that has won the approval of customers.

ODI (Phosgene derivative)

Octadecylisocyanate (ODI), a raw material for release agents, paints, and coating materials, is made from vegetable oil and fat, and meets the needs of customers from all over the world. Because it is derived from vegetables, it helps control the occurrence of environmental CO2, which is said to be a cause of climate change.

Oxygen supply material for agriculture

Natural disasters and extreme weather (torrential rains, typhoons, etc.) have recently been growing more frequent year by year, and in addition to the direct damage to agricultural land and facilities, they impact crop yields due to moisture damage. Supplying oxygen to soil harmed by bad weather, etc., improves the growing environment of crops and promotes healthy growth. The Hodogaya Chemical Group provides its customers with oxygen supply materials for farming made from hydrogen peroxide. These are also environmentally conscious products that do not contaminate farm land.