Together with Community & Society

Basic approach

The Hodogaya Chemical Group believes that contributing to the sustainable development of the community is an important activity as corporate citizens in carrying out its business activities. We are engaged in various community contribution activities including the nurturing of children through chemistry, environmental conservation activities in the regions where the Group’s plants are located, and the provision of tangible and intangible objects that are useful for the rich lifestyles of people.

Visiting classes at an elementary school

Nanyo Plant Akira Uchiyama

We held visiting science classes for 4th graders at Fukugawa Elementary School in the vicinity of our Nanyo Plant. For this second session, we decided that the theme should be relevant to the technologies and products of the Hodogaya Chemical Group, and the mechanism of laundry detergents was selected as the theme for FY2017.
As an experiment, we washed cloths stained by food with the detergents and observed how detergents help mix water and oil better. Many children expressed their opinion when the experiment results were presented.
We think the children realized that there are many opportunities around us to study science, and that experiments can enhance our learning. We also spent some time introducing our company, and explained the location of Nanyo Plant and the products we manufacture, which was a good opportunity to provide a sense of familiarity and to establish amicable relationships with the local residents.
We will continue with our activities in order to prosper together with the local community and society.

Participated in Dream Chemistry 21

Yokohama Plant Masanori Kanda

We have been participating in the Summer Holiday Children’s Experiment Show sponsored by “Dream Chemistry 21” Organizing Committee since 2015. With the cooperation of the Head Office and Tsukuba Research Laboratory, the Yokohama Plant, which manufactures dyes, mainly takes initiative to provide children who take on the future with the opportunity to have hands-on experience with the excitement of chemistry and develop interest in it.
Each time, we have such themes as bookmark making or card case making using alumite dye technology with aluminum coloring dyes.
The experiments are conducted safely of course, but we are really pleased to see children selecting the dye color type of their choice from among various colors and smiling when they see the dyed product, and to find out that they enjoyed the experiments. It would be a pleasure for us if the children start to like chemistry through this experience.

Supporting the 69th National Tree Planting Festival

Koriyama Plant Kenta Tsuchie

The National Tree Planting Festival is a national land afforestation campaign held every year between April and June hosted by the National Land Afforestation Promotion Organization and the prefectural government of the venue. The 69th Festival was held in Fukushima Prefecture in 2018 for the second time since 1970. On June 10, the first day of the Festival, five venues were set up including the site in Shidoke district of Haramachi in Minami-soma City where the ceremony was held with the attendance of the Emperor and Empress, and other satellite sites and PR sites. The ceremony was broadcast live and the entire prefecture got into the spirit.
Having had its primary plant in Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture for over 100 years since 1916, the Hodogaya Chemical Group also actively sponsored and supported this year’s Tree Planting Festival. On March 11, 2018, seven years after the disaster of the Great East Japan Earthquake, 11 young employees from the Koriyama Plant planted 250 saplings of Japanese black pine at the coastal disaster prevention forest in Shidoke district.
We hope that these trees will grow in the next 10, 20, and 50 years to form a grand disaster prevention forest as Fukushima continues its tireless recovery efforts.


The Hodogaya Chemical Group supports the “Restart of J-Village” which is positioned as a symbol of restoration of Fukushima Prefecture.
Since J-Village opened in the towns of Naraha and Hirono of Futaba County in Fukushima Prefecture as Japan’s first national training center for soccer in 1997, the facilities were used by many people as a base to promote sport and energize the local region. However due to the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011 and the subsequent nuclear power station accident, the entire village halted operation and has been used as an operational base for dealing with the nuclear power station accident.
Fukushima Prefecture, home to our Koriyama Plant, launched the J-Village Restoration Support Project under the motto of“ connect the power of sports to restoration,” restored the green fields, and reconstructed the facilities for people to gather and share the joy of sports. As a result of the Project, J-Village restarted on July 28, 2018.

Green Festa

In April 2018, Nanyo Plant and its affiliate K.K. Jasper “( JSP”) hosted a thanksgiving festival named Green Festa with the aim of showing their gratitude to the local people where their plants are located.
Using the Shinnanyo Golf Driving operated by JSP, they offered various events for children and adults such as the free use of the driving range and tossing rice cakes, providing an opportunity for children and parents to enjoy closeness. With the support of restaurants around the Plant, there were also food booths aiming to further vitalize the local community. To gain a sense of closeness, Hodogaya Chemical set up an exhibit booth to showcase our products, which were offered as prizes for the lottery. Although this was our first effort, we were happy to hear visitors’ comment that they wish to come again.

Biodiversity Conservation

Hodogaya Agrotech Co., Ltd. (HAT), our group company that manufactures and sells agricultural chemicals, has signed a “biodiversity conservation partnership agreement” with Nagano Prefecture, Kirigamine Nature Conservation Council, and Daido Shoji Co., Ltd. for conducting verification experiments on measures to protect natural vegetation from Japanese deer. This three-year program began in FY2016.
Valuable plants on Kirigamine Plateau, such as broad dwarf day lily, are eaten by Japanese deer, which is becoming a serious issue.
Nagano Prefecture is taking countermeasures such as fence erection; however, this method incurs large costs and requires significant labor. Upon receiving a request for use of HAT's "Rantekuta" repellent inhibiting damage of plant by an animal to protect rare plants, we signed the agreement.
“Rantekuta” is an agricultural chemical made primarily from whole egg powder, which is a raw material used in pastas, cakes, and puddings.
By drawing on the technologies developed over many years, HAT provides cooperation and support to the environmental preservation activity of Kirigamine Plateau.

Town Clean Day

"Town Clean Day" is a community cleaning activity initiated based on the proposal of the municipal government of Tokyo's Chuo Ward, where our head office is located. This cleaning activity is conducted on the 10th day of every month. The activity aims to maintain the community clean and litter-free and to make it a place where people want to live, work, and visit. We call for the departments’ participation every time and participate in the cleaning activity around our head office.
The cleaning activity is conducted in front of Tokyo Station Yaesu exit, an area with heavy people traffic and many litters by breach of manners. We intend to contribute to the beautification of the community through continued participation in the event. Our other offices also participate in similar activities.

Provision of Company-owned Properties to the Local Communities

Provision of Company-owned Properties to the Local Communities Based on the notation that "we as a private company contribute to local administration and local communities as much as possible," we lease parts of our plant sites free of charge.
Parts of the Koriyama Plant site are used for the East?West free passage at the Koriyama Station and for a municipal bicycle parking lot. A part of the Nanyo Plant site is leased free of charge to Shin Nanyo Baseball Stadium.

Forest Volunteer

The 20th Town, Forest and Water Gathering hosted by Yamaguchi Prefecture Shunan Agriculture and Forestry Office was held in the Fureai Forest in Shunan City.
This event is held every year for deepening the understanding of forests' water source protection function and other functions that are indispensable to the life of prefectural residents and the corporate activities. Our Nanyo Plant has been participating in the event since the first holding. In 2016, 10 employees from our company participated and engaged themselves in the thinning of the forest with handsaws together with the employees of companies located in the industrial zone along the coast in the Shunan Forest Conservation District.
We will continue to participate in the event as a voluntary activity for the maintenance and proper management of the forest, which is a source of water.

100th Anniversary Concert

In 2016, Hodogaya Chemical celebrated the 100th year of its founding. In the same year, our Koriyama Plant also commemorated its 100th anniversary. Koriyama City declared itself as "Music City Koriyama" and makes great efforts on promoting music. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Hodogaya Chemical, we held an anniversary concert in Koriyama City as part of our efforts to contribute to the society through music.
The junior and senior high school students in the brass band clubs and chorus clubs in Koriyama City (about 330 persons) were invited to the concert. Excellent musical performance received immense applauds, and the conductor responded to the calls for an encore by special grace.