Together with Employees/Respect for Human Rights

Basic approach

The Hodogaya Chemical Group aims to become a corporation that steadily supplies “Only One/Number One" specialty products in global and niche markets, and takes on the following four approaches to this end: formulate and promote a flexible and suitable “personnel system" that can respond to the changing environment;“ personnel placement" that enables each and every employee to efficiently exercise their ability; appropriate“ recruitment" in view of future business expansions; and an “enhanced education program" to nurture personnel that can think, investigate, and take actions for themselves. We also work to create a workplace environment, and maintain and improve various systems with an aim to achieve“ further growth of the Hodogaya Chemical Group" and“ improvement of job satisfaction of employees" at the same time.

Initiatives to tackle human rights issues
• Development of a company-wide comprehensive guideline on human rights

Respect for human rights and prohibition of discrimination are spelled out in the Compliance Action Policy.

Excerpt from the Compliance Action Policy
We will respect the basic human rights, and will not discriminate based on nationality, race, belief, sex, age, ethnic group, religion, disability, illness, social status, or other reasons, or behave in any way to disregard the dignity of individuals, in all corporate activities.

• Support and assessment of human rights in the supply chain

Our policy is incorporated in the statement on fair trading in the Compliance Action Policy.

Excerpt from the Compliance Action Policy
We will not engage in any act against the legitimate interest of the Hodogaya Chemical Group, or behave in any way to disgrace or defame the company.

• Development of a guideline and manual against sexual harassments

Sexual harassment is strictly prohibited in the Work Rules, which is more specifically formulated in the form of a manual in the Guideline against Sexual Harassments.

Initiatives against forced labor and child labor
• Initiatives to eliminate unfair trading and cooperation in Fair Trade activities

Respect for individuality and personality is spelled out in the Corporate Philosophy and Guideline. Prohibition of discrimination is spelled out in the Compliance Action Policy. We do not tolerate forced labor and child labor.

Initiatives for work-life balance

The Hodogaya Chemical Group implements various programs and policies to enable employees to achieve a highly productive work style and successfully combine work and daily living (work-life balance).

• Programs for work-life balance
Long-term childcare leave Until a child turns one year old, in principle, but extendable until the child turns two under special circumstances
Long-term nursing care leave Up to 180 days per family member requiring care
Childbirth leave Six weeks before childbirth/eight weeks after childbirth
Spousal maternity Three days in case of spousal maternity
Short working hours Up to 180 days until a child reaches the 3rd grade (childcare) or within three years (nursing care)
Nursing leave Five days/year (a max. of ten days) per child until he/she reaches the 3rd grade
Short-term nursing care leave Five days/year per family member requiring care
Accumulated annual leave for personal injury A system to accumulate annual leave and apply it to time off for such uses as personal illness/injury, nursing care, and voluntary services
Half-day leave Paid leave on a half-day basis (four times/month, up to 24 times/year [a max of 12 days])
Refreshment leave Only in applicable departments
“Come-back” entry Reemployment Applicants Registration System for persons who resigned for unavoidable reasons such as childcare and nursing care.
• Initiatives to reduce overtime labor

• Setting of no overtime day: Wednesdays and Fridays every week
• Promotion to leave the office by 9 p.m.
• Management of overtime labor by department using the attendance management system

  FY2013 FY2014 FY2015 FY2016 FY2017
Childcare leave Male (persons) 0 0 0 0 0
Female (persons) 0 2 3 3 2
Nursing care leave Male (persons) 0 0 0 1 0
Female (persons) 0 0 0 0 0
Rate of usage of paid holidays (%) 59 70 68 66 66
Average monthly overtime hours (hours) 8.1 8.9 9.8 9.8 10.25
Initiatives for diversity

Diverse mixes of people, regardless of age, sex, or nationality, are working in a broad range of fields at the Hodogaya Chemical Group.

• Initiatives to support the re-challenge of middle-aged and senior employees

The Group has introduced the Reemployment Program for retired personnel and provides a senior employment system for those who wish to continue their career. As of March 31, 2018, there are 31 senior employees who utilize their experience and knowledge to continue their career in various fields up until the age of 65.

• Active participation of female employees

As of March 31, 2018, there are 126 female employees, 16 of which are pursuing their career as managers. Starting April 1, the number of female managers increased to 22, accounting for 10.1% of the total management personnel.

• Active participation of foreign employees

As of March 31, 2018, there are 125 foreign employees who are pursuing their career inside and outside Japan.

• Initiatives to improve the employment rate of workers with disabilities

We take the following approaches to employ workers with disabilities.

  1. Visit schools in the vicinity of the offices and conduct recruitment activities
  2. Exchange information with the job placement office and private support institutions in the vicinity of the office to select candidates. Establish probational periods and conduct internship programs at the offices
  3. Receive referrals from staffing firms, establish probational periods, and conduct internship programs at the offices
  FY2013 FY2014 FY2015 FY2016 FY2017
Number of employees (persons) 758 713 686 691 719
Ratio of female managers(%) 4.6 4.3 6.3 8.4 8.9
Ratio of female employment (%) 14.8 17.6 5.9 20.0 28.9
Ratio of disability employment (%) 1.37 1.25 1.27 1.26 1.47
Number of re-employment (persons) 63 63 65 64 61

Enhanced education programs

We educate and nurture potential personnel with an aim to achieve our management philosophy.

  1. Nurture personnel who can look across from a high perspective and respond flexibly to the changes in situation
  2. Create groups with deep and broad qualities containing diverse talents and personalities
  3. Allocate personnel with required capabilities and qualifications appropriately
• Training programs
Training by job capacity Training at promotion for managers to provide knowledge required for new posts
Training by job capabilities Educational training to improve abilities to perform duties, such as management training
Hodogaya Person - general training Training on compliance, CSR, diversity, etc., to provide basic knowledge required for all employees at the Hodogaya Chemical Group and increase practical level abilities
Training by job description Job-specific educational training (sales, development, manufacturing, etc.) to improve abilities to perform duties, such as engineering training
Training on internationalization Regular language training and an overseas study program (English, Chinese, and Korean speaking countries) to prepare employees for globalization
Support for self enlightenment A correspondence course and web-based e-learning program to support qualification/license acquisition and active learning
Enhanced health maintenance and care systems

The Hodogaya Chemical Group actively supports the promotion of mental and physical health jointly with Hodogaya Chemical Health Insurance Society so that all of the employees can work in good health.
We encourage all employees to undergo health checkups with a goal of a 100% consultation rate, and in FY2017, 100% of our employees took the first checkup, and everyone needing second screening received further consultation. Our industrial doctors conduct interviews at each office, and health conditions of employees are shared with the company so that we can work to improve conditions or prevent deterioration.
Regarding mental health, we have been continuously implementing stress checks, and in FY2017 we achieved a 100% implementation rate. The Group further conducts“ self-care training” for all employees and “line training” for managers with an aim to provide information on stress and how to deal with it. By learning about stress from the perspectives of yourself and of others, employees gain better understanding on how to manage stress properly.


Head of Administration
Department, Nanyo Plant

Noriko Miura

As a working female

At the plant I work, the majority of employees are male. In such an environment, I sometimes feel the pressure of being a female manager, but in carrying out my job, I always try to think what I need to do and what I am expected to do while using my sensibilities as a woman. My husband and I are a working couple, so it was difficult to balance my career and housework when the children were young. I couldn’t have continued working without the support of my family.
The Company has many programs for female employees to actively participate, and I think they could be improved with ideas from a female perspective, which should lead to improving the quality of our business. Looking forward, I hope that there will be more opportunities for female employees to participate actively, with the recognition that male and female are working partners.