Together with Shareholders & Investors

Basic approach

To maintain and deepen the trust held in us by all shareholders and stakeholders into the future, the Group recognizes that ensuring the soundness and legality of business management and increasing efficiency is one of the highest priority issues of business, and to this end, we are working to enhance and strengthen our corporate governance system.

Disclosure of IR information

To provide shareholders, institutional investors, security analysts, and individual investors with a better understanding of the Hodogaya Chemical Group, we engage in extensive communication activities and strive to disclose information in a fair and timely manner.

Dialogue with shareholders & investors

The Group hosts a social gathering after the General Meeting of Shareholders to exchange face-to-face dialogue with our shareholders and encourage extensive bi-directional communication.
We have been making our Corporate Governance Report, Annual Securities Report, and various IR materials available on our website, and starting in FY2017 we began posting our Summary of Consolidated Financial Results for Three Months in English as well as the English Notice of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders held in June 2018. The Group issues Business Reports to shareholders, and holds individual meetings for institutional investors and security analysts on a quarterly basis to disclose information aggressively.

Basic policy on dividends

We make it our basic policy to establish a sound and stable management foundation and to achieve sustainable increase of corporate value in order to return the profits to shareholders. First, we will effectively use our internal reserves to strengthen our mid- to long-term competitive edge through strategic investments to expand our core businesses, investments in R&D efforts leading to the creation of new businesses and products, and to fund projects that could contribute to cost reductions, energy-saving and environmental solutions. Dividends to be paid to shareholders are fairly determined taking into full consideration such factors as the business results, future expansion of business, and unforeseen risks.