Respect for Human Rights

Basic approach

The Hodogaya Chemical Group believes that respect for human rights is a fundamental matter in carrying out its business activities. Compliance with laws and regulations, behavior based on high ethics and common sense, respect for diversity, individuality, and personality of everyone working at the Hodogaya Chemical Group, and creation of a sound and pleasant workplace environment free of discrimination and harassment are specified in the Corporate Action Guidelines and the Compliance Action Policy.

Initiatives to tackle human rights issues
●Development of a company-wide comprehensive guideline on human rights

Respect for human rights and prohibition of discrimination are spelled out in the basic approach of the Compliance Action Policy.

Excerpt from the Compliance Action Policy
Respect for human rights and prohibition of discrimination
We will respect the basic human rights, and will not discriminate based on nationality, race, belief, sex, age, ethnic group, religion, disability, illness, social status, or other reasons, or behave in any way to disregard the dignity of individuals, in all corporate activities.

●Support and assessment of initiatives to tackle human rights issues in the supply chain

The Hodogaya Chemical Group sets forth the Procurement Policy and the Procurement Guidelines and asks its partner companies to understand the content and to undertake initiatives to tackle human rights issues similar to those of the Group.
The Procurement Guidelines spell out the prohibition of forced labor, prohibition of inhumane treatment, prohibition of child labor, prohibition of discrimination, proper wages, and work hours as items to be complied with for the Human Rights and Labor.

●Guideline and manual against sexual harassments

Sexual harassment is strictly prohibited in the Work Rules.
We have further formulated the Guideline against Sexual Harassments in the form of a manual for more specific prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace and in order to promote a better understanding and to actively tackle the issue, and established a consultation desk for this purpose.

Initiatives against forced labor and child labor

Respect for the individuality and personality of employees is spelled out in the Corporate Action Guidelines, and respect for human rights and prohibition of discrimination are spelled out in the Compliance Action Policy.
In line with these policies, we do not tolerate forced labor or child labor at the Hodogaya Chemical Group.

Proper management of personal information

The Hodogaya Chemical Group has established and announced the Personal Information Protection Policy in order to ensure proper handling of personal information at the organizational level, and further set forth the Personal Information Management Rules and the Specific Personal Information Management Rules.
We will abide by the laws and regulations on the handling of personal information and individual numbers, and promote the proper storage, utilization, and management of such information within the scope of use as defined in the Policy and Rules, and conduct education and enlightening activities for all officers and employees.
We are also working to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into force on May 25, 2018 with the aim of protecting the personal data of the European Economic Area, including the EU.