Phosgene Derivatives-1 : Chloroformates

Specialty Polymers Segment


We have built up our technical skills in organic synthesis over many years through the production of pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, dyestuffs, electronic materials, organic industrial chemicals and construction materials. Our wealth of experience and achievements make it possible to provide customers with the products that satisfy their needs. Phosgenation is one of Hodogaya Chemical's particular strengths. We can meet the needs of custom synthesis from a laboratory scale to medium-volume trial production.

Product name Chemical structural formula
Isopropyl Chloroformate
Methyl Chloroformate
Ethyl Chloroformate
Benzyl Chloroformate (Cbz-Cl,Z-Cl)
Isobutyl Chloroformate
Secondary Butyl Chloroformate
n-Propyl Chloroformate