Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)

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We began the commercial production of hydrogen peroxide through an autoxidation process at our Koriyama Plant in 1966. We make and sell the hydrogen peroxide of food additive standards in addition to the hydrogen peroxide of industrial standards (35%, 45%, and 60%).

Product name Description Applications
Hydrogen Peroxide(H2O2)
Hydrogen peroxide is a transparent liquid resembling water with moderate oxidizing strength. It decomposes into harmless water and oxygen, so it is useful in environmental pollution control.
It is stable when stored under proper conditions.
Bleaching agent for paper pulp and textiles, etc.
Oxidizer for industrial chemicals.
Sewage treatment for environmental pollution and other Applications.
Hydrogen Peroxide(H2O2)
Hydrogen Peroxide(H2O2)
Hydrogen Peroxide(H2O2)
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Hydrogen Peroxide(H2O2)
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