Hydrogen Peroxide Derivatives

Basic Chemicals Segment


The oxidative properties of hydrogen peroxide make its derivatives useful in a variety of fields.

Products Description Applications
Oxypail is a liquid disinfectant containing peracetic acid, with a broad antimicrobial spectrum. It is used in many Applications, including food production container and equipment.
NFP-F50 NFP Series products are used for electronic components, and as pretreatment agents for copper and copper alloy plating for printed wiring boards.
Hi-etchant Its high copper solubility makes it economical. Multipurpose etchant. Hi-etchant is used in the print circuit board manufacturing process to strip copper from copper plated vessels or jig-frames, and in etching copper surfaces.
Hi-bright Its high polishing and smoothing ability enables time-efficient treatment. Hi-bright is used to replace the conventional ‘kirinsu' solution in chemical polishing of copper and copper alloys, because it does not give off harmful NOx gas.
Sakana Guard A pharmaceutical product for animals (fishery) under the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act Ectoparasiticide for Perciformes fishes and Tetraodontiformes fishes
Food additives
Peracetic acid formulation for food additives Surface anti-bacterial treatment of beef, pork, chicken, vegetables, and fruits