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We serve many customers since its establishment by synthesizing diverse samples ranging from existing substances to unknown (new) compounds based on the synthesis technology accumulated through the exploratory research on agricultural chemicals, development of electronic materials, and use of various phosgene reactions. They range widely from intermediates for pharmaceutical and agricultural chemicals to electronic materials and monomers. We not only perform laboratory-scale synthesis to produce samples weighing several mg to several kg, but also conduct small-quantity trial production by utilizing our outsource network.

Services Range Description
Pharmaceutical and Agrochemicals Since many target compounds have a complex structure, multi-step synthesis if often required. However, we use column chromatography to realize the efficient and systematic synthesis to deliver the sample in the shortest time possible.
Electronic Materials We draw upon our abundant experience and expertise in Ullmann reaction, and Suzuki coupling reaction among others. Since electronic materials have extremely high quality requirements, we do our best to satisfy the quality requirements by not only meeting the final specifications as measured by instruments but also by checking the impurities profile of the intermediates.
Other Fine Chemicals We respond to your needs by capitalizing on our rich experiences in the synthesis of methacrylate/acrylate monomer derivative which serve as raw material for specialty polymers as well as on thin film materials made through Sonogashira Reaction.