Food Additives (Synthetic Dyes)

Functional Colorants Segment


Product name Description Applications
Food Red No.2 Even small amounts of this colorant product bright colors that are heat- and light-stable. Japanese and western confections, candies, syrups, strawberry, grape, coffee coloring, etc.
Food Red No.3 Confections, cherries, pickled vegetables, canned fruits
Food Red No.40
Food Red No.102 Confections, strawberry and apple jam, ketchup, pickled vegetables, pickled ginger, pickled plums, preserved fish, processed octopus, salted cod roe, shrimp, sausages, juice, syrups,chocolate coloring, etc.
Food Red No.104 Baked confections, fish paste products, pickled vegetables, sausages, salted cod roe, preserved salmon roe, chilled desserts, coffee coloring, etc.
Food Red No.105 Cakes, candy, bean jam (sweetened bean paste), grape juice, etc.
Food Red No.106 Cakes, candy, bean jam (sweetened bean paste), grape juice, fish paste products, sausages, coffee coloring, etc.
Food Yellow No.4 Cakes, yellow pickled radishes, pickled vegetables, pickled wasabi, curry powder, fruit yogurt, lemon syrup, etc.
Food Yellow No.5 Baked cakes, candy, yellow pickled radishes, preserved fish products, sea urchin, orange juice, etc.
Food Blue No.1 Confections, green peas, seaweed products, etc.
Food Blue No.2 Confections, preserved fish, etc.